Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lowa Boot Demo Day

Last week we left the store on its own for awhile so we could go test Lowa hiking boots.  Brian and Peter from Lowa brought by a selection of boots for us to test including: the Lowa Renegade, Zephyr, Focus, Camino, and Vivione.  It was a beautiful day and a great outing.

We got first hand experience with the boots and we got to see and feel boot cut-aways.   To provide better customer service we learned about boot components including different leather uppers, Goretex linings, and Vibram outsole constructions.  Evaluating the quality of materials and understanding the process by which the boots are made helps us provide expert service to our boot customers.  

For example seeing different shank constructions helps us explain why a certain trekking boot is distinct from a backpacking boot.  While some boots have flexible soles others have sturdy, stable bases; each has its unique advantages.  Hiking in the boots helps us know how to advise customers when looking for the right boots for the right use. Find out more from our Lowa boot experts before buying your next pair of Lowa boots.


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