Monday, September 10, 2012

The "Best Beer Town in New England" is: Waterbury, Vermont

I've always believed that the town where is located, and where I grew up, is a special place. Yes, Waterbury, Vermont may be "small" and "in the middle of nowhere," but if you live in Waterbury you know it to be different than most places in our country. One of my favorite aspects of Waterbury is the fact that it only has a few chain businesses (used to be just a Subway restaurant before Kinney Drugs came in), meaning that each dining option and supplier of goods is a unique local business that offers its own choice craft. We are also smack-dab in the middle of four high-profile ski resorts (Mad River Glen, Sugarbush, Bolton Valley, and Stowe) and three of the four tallest mountains in the state (tied for third: Camel's Hump and Mt Ellen, and numero uno Mt Mansfield). To top that all off, Boston Globe recently recognized Waterbury as the "Best Beer Town in New England"!!!

But as the real outdoor gear junkies know, you cannot come through Waterbury without stopping at the venerated retail store! Booming customer service and wide selections of everything trail and travel related is the gem that is

If you haven't been to the Prohibition Pig on Main Street to imbibe this most delicious libation that is Heady Topper (pictured above), you're missing out to say the least. Craft brewed and perfected, Heady Topper is hops and shoulders over your run-of-the-mill beers. According to website and magazine, Beer Advocate, Heady Topper is the third best beer in the world, and it was created in the brew-haven that is Watebury. Hurricane Irene may have closed down the Alchemist Restaurant, but the brewery has relocated (up the street to higher ground) and is as successful as ever.

Waterbury: the hiking, skiing, mountainbiking (the list goes on and on) and beer oasis.

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