Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gregory Z75 Backpack: Spacious and On Sale!

Whether you're on a weekend trip, a week long trip, or a serious endeavor, there are fundamental necessities one cannot go without. Packs of the past possess a trade-off- capacity for comfort- but not the Gregory backpacks of today. Especially the Gregory Z75 backpacking back. This one accommodates, incomparable to the outdated "old faithful" you might be working with. If you buy before 9/15/12, we'll treat you to a 20% discount!

Gregory Z75

The Gregory Z75 is the modern day backpacker's backpack. Your favorite part of this pack will be the suspension system, which is just as breathable as it is comfortable. The patented Jet-Stream technology feature directs air through a series of channels to offer a refreshing and cooling flow. The Z75's straps are soft and forgiving and when the weight is directed down to your hips, there is little to no muscle fatigue.

Another really cool aspect of this backpack is its dual points of access: a front clamshell zipper that allows for on-the-go entry to an item you need in a hurry, and the extendable top access. Those two vertical lines you see on the front are called "daisy chains"; they are a network of loops that you can clip items to, or even lace webbing to stuff your tent, raincoat, or whatever you want in for even more storage. And when the Z75 isn't chock-a-block full you can cinch it down with an array of cinching straps.

Discounted all the way down to $215.79, your back will thank you when you upgrade to the Gregory Z75!!

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