Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Exciting News is expanding. With that in mind, we're excited to welcome the newest addition to our team: Dylan Peterson.

So picture this: I'm sitting at the front desk of our retail store in Waterbury and in walks this young gentlemen, about 21 years old, with an odd smile on his face. He tells me he grew up in Waterbury Center, graduated from Harwood Union High School in 2009 and needs a job. "Well," I say "Do you have any experience in retail?" He assures me that for the last few months he's been working over at Infinite Sports in Waitsfield. I ponder his qualifications, "That's a good start." But as it turns out, he actually has a lot more experience with the gear in our store.

Seven days after his high school graduation, he and a few friends traveled down to Williamstown, Ma and headed north on the Long Trail. In one of the rainiest July's of Vermont's history, Dylan and his crew made it 272 miles to Canada in 19 days. Following that summer, he enrolled at Springfield College in Springfield, Ma, to study Journalism. He made it through two years of schooling there before he felt adventure call again.
On September 7th, Dylan and a friend embarked on a journey of a different kind. A 3,600 mile route across the United States on bicycle. After 75 days, 13 states, and countless tubes and patches the young men arrived at their destination safe and sound. 10 hours by car to Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving week, and a 72 hour train ride later, they were back in the Green Mountain State.
The ride was done for charity as well, raising money and awareness for depression research, through the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. With a Sierra Designs 2 person tent, a 2-cup Jetboil Stove, Vaude saddlebags, paper road maps, and a Camelbak each, their goal was realized.
He had some excellent gear to help him out through all of that, but I figured this kid must have a decent head on his shoulders, so I hired him. He's going to be working here for the summer and will be a regular blog contributor, so enjoy!

And the next time you need anything for the great outdoors, swing by our store in the Twin Silos on Route 2 in Waterbury and come meet Dylan.

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