Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Outside" Magazine's Top Gear of 2012 is Inside

For those of you who don't know, Outside Magazine has been the leading active-lifestyle and adventure-travel publication since its inception into the literary world in 1978. Their mission is simple: to offer a wealth of information pertaining to all things outside for its readers to apply to their lives. Be it a trail review, or an inspirational account of an accomplished adventurer, they aim to educate and motivate.

Every year, between Spring and Summer (a.k.a. now), Outside Magazine releases their highly anticipated "Gear of the Year." And what's that old saying? The one about how a bunch of the gear they picked as the best, is the same that we offer here at I think it's something about great minds...
 Anyways, it's all about the new Gregory Savant 58. At a very reasonable price of $199 (ours is on sale @ $159.18 until 5/17/12!!!!!!!), this ultra-organized backpacking backpack will alleviate the utter clutter chaos one encounters when living out of their backpack. Featuring a front panel that unzips and opens like a suitcase, the Savant 58 eliminates having to dig deep for those elusive items buried in the belly. Also, the array of five accessory packets, the optional top access, and the externally accessible hydration sleeve, make you feel twice as systematic as you do with the pack you're using now. Not to mention the suspension system that takes the weight off you shoulders and directs it to your hip bones (which don't fatigue like those wimpy trapezius'). And because it's roomy enough to fit a flat-laying dress shirt, it doubles as a travel pack. The convenience and versatility of the Savant 58 separates this backpack from the rest. And be assured, the brand Gregory is the Ben & Jerry's of backpacks.

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