Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ode to Oboz

If you think that hiking boot technology has plateaued over the years, you don't know Oboz. Owned by a former freelance shoe designer who has designed for the most popular names in footwear, John Connely, these shoes are astray from the norm. Oboz makes high tech boots and offers them at low prices. Instead of doing what most shoe companies do--try and produce the cheapest shoes for the most expensive price--they just care about offering the best shoes possible. That's what they're doing and people are starting to catch on.

Every spec of these shoes is designed with a purpose. All parts of the shoe work integrally, from the laces to the sole, forming an outstanding synergy. For instance, the shoe is grounded with an incredibly sticky rubber sole that features flexion points which correspond directly with the kinetics of your foot. And the stitching that holds the laces in place goes all the way down to those flexion points, which effectively wraps the shoe around your foot as you tighten the laces. They also are equipped with a 3-D molded heel counter which keeps your heel correctly aligned to the ergonomics of your feet. When I put them on I immediately noticed that my posture was exponentially improved because of the heel counter.

From Oboz' hiking boots to their backpacking boots, you'll find shoes that are high tech, low weight, and low priced. Stop by our Route 2 location at the twin silos in Waterbury and see for yourself what makes Oboz hiking boots different.

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