Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bacteria Beware "All Clear" is Here

There are barely any sensations that feel quite as satisfying as purified ice cold water hitting a parched throat, especially when you've been exercising. But when we're doing the things we do, whether hiking, backpacking, climbing, or traveling wherever we have a questionable water source, nobody wants to take a chance. Wouldn't it be great if there was a magic bottle that could purify water without any pumping or long waiting periods necessary? Abra Kadabra, behold, the CamelBak All Clear purifying bottle.

CamelBak's 24 ounce (.75L) All Clear bottle will take any foreign water and use UV light purification to kill 99.99% of potentially harmful protozoa and other microbiological entities. Simply fill the All Clear up, click the one, and only, button and moderately "agitate" the water inside as the 60 second ticker counts down. After just one minute, you've got yourself pure, pristine drinking water. It's simple, intuitive and covered by the "Got your Bak" CamelBak lifetime guarantee.

The Camelbak All Clear is tested and engineered to withstand the roughest of conditions- freezers, mountaintops, deserts, scalding hot cars, etc. It also features re-chargeable on-board batteries, which can be charged from a computer, car, outlet or anywhere you'd charge your cell phone. At $99 this bottle will save you space, time, and worries.

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