Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nemo Helio: For When it's Time to Clean Up Your Act

There are times, for some- more than others, when we are less than clean. Most of us, once we reach that stage, jump in the shower for a little "scrub a dub dub." But when you're a few weeks into the Long Trail, stuck in a car on a multiple-day road trip, at a remote work site or are anywhere that is not proximal to your washroom- there's a new method from Nemo Equipment: the Helio Pressure Shower.

When packed, it's about the size of a birthday cake and weighs 25 oz, but has the capacity of 11L (2.9 gallons) of purifying sanctified aqua. And unlike other portable shower systems that rely on gravity, the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower has a pressure pedal to regulate your stream. Good for about five to seven minutes of steady stream, the Helio Shower is perfect for rinsing off a muddy dog, or even dirty dishes! A spray nozzle, like that one on your sink, at the end of a seven foot hose will bring your from grungy to lovely - no matter where you are.

After you're finished cleansing yourself of crud, a ventilated carry case and Eco-polyurethane coated polyester protect the Helio Shower from growing any type of nasty mold (either). At $99.95, the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower will make people less apt to turn around and run from your unpleasant aroma : )

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