Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Upcoming Sales: Gregory & Leki

Brief history lesson:

Almost 40 years ago Maureen and Reed, the benevolent owners of this fine business, were born. They graduated from Brown University about 22 years after that, and now they have two bright spirited young children in elementary school. They operate this family owned Vermont local business because it is relevant to their lives (they're outdoorsy to say the least).

Far from a corporation, is here in place to service a community- those whom appreciate the value and encompassing presence of our beauteous natural world.

With that being said we would like to announce that we will, yet again, be offering savings to our customers. Starting TODAY  thru 6/28/2012 all of our Gregory Packs and Leki Poles will be on sale at 20% off!!!!!

So please enjoy our discounts while you can and remember, if you need outdoor gear- we'll see you at CC.

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