Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Petzl Nao and Core: Smart Headlamps

Fernand Petzl, a Frenchman born in 1912, was into hanging out in dark places, more specifically- caves. A true explorer, many large caves in France were opened and deemed safe solely because Petzl explored them beforehand. Petzl was an outstanding craftsman. He constructed all of his exploration equipment himself, and with it he became a world record holder in depth-expedition, having traveled to 985 meters (3232 feet) deep. Along with his son Paul, Petzl created his first caving products mostly for use by his friends and he. But it was Paul who turned the company into the world's leading provider in vertical sports (mountaineering, climbing, caving), vertical occupation and rescue, and specialized headlamps.

Two astonishing advancements Petzl have unveiled this year are the Core rechargeable and programmable battery pack, and the Nao reactive and customizable headlamp.

With an equivalent lifetime of 900 triple a batteries, the Core battery is featured in the Petzl Tikka and Petzl Zipka headlamp models. The Core recharges with any USB plugin (you can charge your headlamp anywhere you can charge your cell phone). It will start saving you money after four battery lives and the lack of batteries that you'll need reduces waste! But that's not all (in a Billy Mays voice). The Core, when plugged into a computer, opens the Petzl OS- a programming software that actually allows you to control the output of lumens by your Petzl headlamp. Select either their economic or maximum output mode and actively control the headlamp's function.

And secondly, the highly anticipated release of the Petzl Nao. The first of its kind, the Nao incorporates "intelligence" to illumination. Equipped with an on-board sensor, the Nao reacts to its environment and  changes between wide and focused light, and can actually dull or brighten its lamp- correlating to your areas available light. And this things got range! The sensor influences the headlamp to shine light fluctuating between 7 and 355 lumens! And I've seen this thing in action; in just a moment's time the Nao goes from a brilliant light shining dozens of meters ahead to only bright enough to read the map in your hand. The Nao comes with a USB rechargeable battery (but can also run off triple-a's if necessary), and is programmable (by connecting it to a computer) to shine at whatever lumens you desire- anywhere between 7 and 355.

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