Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MSR Stoves Save your Back, Brain and Belly

Just like with your automobile, the undeniable truth is that our bodies need fuel to operate. And when we're giving our muscles all they can handle for days on end, the more fuel the better! If your adventure involves backpacking, cycling, kayaking, running, etc., it can be difficult to maintain the balance of caloric intake and calories burned. The importance of simplicity and functionality in a cooking system is imperative and, of course, it should weigh as little as possible.
Mountain Safety Research, or MSR, has been offering innovations in outdoor gear since the early 1970's, and their backpacking stoves of today are nothing short of amazing. The exiguous weight of MSR's ultralight stoves will save your back during the day, and the intuitively designed operating systems will save your brain and belly at dinner time.

Among their top sellers, the MSR Pocket Rocket caters wonderfully to the needs of an ultralight backpacker. At a measly three ounces, the PocketRocket simply screws on top of a fuel canister and has the capability to boil a liter of water in less than four minutes time. In its case, the PocketRocket's packed size is even smaller than a sunglasses case. ($39.95)

 If you're cooking for more than one or, like me, have an appetite that cannot be satisfied by a conventionally sized meal, MSR offers to you the Reactor Stove. This is a heavy duty system with a 1.7L capacity that has unmatched wind protection and flame-to-pot efficiency. Perfect for all backcountry conditions, and with a boil time of one liter in three minutes, the MSR Reactor stove is the quintessential cooking system for groups or larger meals. ($159.95)
It's hard for me to believe that we'll ever cease to require food, and I know that we, and many people like us, will never stop adventuring. With that in mind, we might as well have the best of both worlds by upgrading to an MSR stove. Available for purchase at our Rte. 2 location in Waterbury or from our website anytime- CCOutdoorStore.com

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