Friday, May 25, 2012

Seeing Things in a New Light

Alas, I have a review for you.

Since I punched out after writing my last blog entry, I've been seeing things in a new light-  a milder, mellower, more tolerable light. With the Native Frisco sunglasses there is no reason to squint or strain your face; as long as they're on it's pure visual comfort. That's why I'm convinced that these glasses could even reduce the chance of getting wrinkles.

And I realized this past Sunday that the polarization factor is stunning.

I was lounging Sunday, mid-morning, when I received an invitation to a riverside picnic. While my girlfriend was searching for sunscreen, I remembered to grab my Natives. She found her SPF and we were headed. I could not believe how the river appeared; I could see every bump and ripple, the true color of the water, and even the individual rocks on the riverbed! When I removed the Frisco's my eyes were viciously attacked by the harsh glare-monster. The difference was dazzling. When I showed my co-picnicers, they were equally impressed.

On Sunday afternoon I met up with two other friends to head down to Boston for a concert. Three hours on I-89,I-93, and I-95, joy. Sitting in the backseat, I removed the Friscos to show my friends and once again, WHAM! The glare monster strikes back! Every windshield in the vicinity of our vehicle shone a blistering flash of blinding light. I felt like one of those ants I used to fry with a magnifying glass in "Dylan the Menace" days.

A former "quality-sunglasses skeptic," I now consider myself an enlightened connoisseur. I am encouraged to acquire some crokies and buy a pair of Native Sunglasses. I love them and, whether you've been bothered by glare before or not, so will you!

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