Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Pleasure's All Mine

Well thank you for the warm welcome and opportunity, Reed! If only I had known that was in my hometown in the preparatory weeks before my adventures, I could have directed my money towards this great Vermont local business.Growing up in this awesomely small town, most people tend to be omniscient of the environment, but believe this: is Waterbury's best kept secret! 

The latest technological advancements in safety and comfort relevant to all things outdoors can be found within the walls at the twin silos. And the warm, friendly natured staff has made my assimilation rather enjoyable. I'm actually looking forward to coming to work! Partly because I'm helping out people like myself- outdoor adventure enthusiasts, but also because of the positive environments, to shop and to work, that the new owners of have created. And to you readers, I welcome feedback! Happy Summer, happy trails, and let's keep in touch! :)

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