Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 Backpacker Editor's Choice Gear

Our 2011 Backpacker Magazine Gear Guide Page is now live, just 48 hours after the magazine hit our mailbox. While it has yet to arrive in some parts of the country, here at we've been busy unpacking boxes and stocking up on lots of the year's best gear. From Vermont, we're excited to share info from Backpacker's impartial gear testers.

So we're working hard to cull through our inventory and match it up with awards and reviews from the Gear Guide, so you'll have the best information available about the best gear. From Killer Values to Best All Around and the prestigious Editor's Choice check out our new Gear Guide page as we strive our best to fulfill our mission to find and bring you the best gear. It's far from perfect at this point...and there are many products we have on order that are just arriving in our store but haven't got their own webpage yet. So stay tuned as we'll continue to bring up updates here.

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