Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Backpack Buyer.

2011 begins with lots of backpacks on our blog. In addition to beefing up our GoLite, Gregory, and Osprey offerings, we've been buying new backpack brands at breakneck speed. Sierra Designs backpack revival offers a lot of new excitement; after a 25 year hiatus Sierra Designs is returning to its roots with an innovative series of new packs that include pivoting hipbelts and great organization.

French mountaineering backpack giant Millet is adding it's pedigree to our backpack wall this spring too. With tremendous big mountain tradition, Millet backpacks are a favorite of serious trekkers and mountaineers around the world.

And for family backpackers we've added the Kelty line of backpacks for it's great value. From child carriers, to youth packs, and week-long hiking backpacks Kelty packs in many high end features at affordable prices.

In fact our buyer is so busy, that our busy programmers haven't had a chance to get all of the packs in our store up on our website (including an entire brand of packs not mentioned here yet since you wouldn't even find it on our site.) If there's a pack you're looking that you don't see on our site yet, give us a call at 855-244-GEAR as we've got lots of packs in stock still looking for a home on our website.

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