Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cobalt V Watch is Making a Splash

Tested to 100m, the Momentum Cobalt V Watch is ideal for water lovers. You may have seen Momentum's full page ad in the 2011 Backpacker Magazine Gear Guide announcing the latest addition to their line of quality dive watches. Although it lacks the traditional diver's bezel, the large face with big bold luminous numbers is perfect for underwater adventure...even in the dark.

Made with black titanium, the Cobalt V's 44 mm case is surprising light...and comfortable. Although it has a 5 year battery, the V in Cobalt V actually refers to Momentum's new "V series" movement. It looks great with a black ribbed rubber band (standard) or an upgrade to a black touch leather band. Looking for a great dive watch for women? Check out Momentum's M1 Dive watch, which appeared again this spring in the Title IX Sports catalog.

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