Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Green Mountain Byway & Fed Ex Deliveries

So I just got back from making a Fed Ex Delivery and discovered our store is now officially on the Green Mountain Byway! I was a little stunned first because I had to load up today's orders and take them to Fed Ex for the first time...but also because we've now got Green Mountain Byway signs on our road to tell folks that our beautiful strip of the country is officially...well, "scenic". Oops, I guess we're not the official Green Mountain Scenic Byway as that's in Florida. Pardon, my geography but the last time I drove through Florida it was pretty flat.

Which gets to the story of why I was going to Fed Ex. We rely on Fed Ex and while we try to emphasize that anything could happen and there are no guarantees in the delivery business--unless you are willing to pay an arm and a leg for one--sometimes the unexpected happens. As the snow melts here in Vermont the roads get muddy and our local drivers make a lot of deliveries on dirt roads that at this time of year can swallow up truck axles and such. So our daily Fed Ex pick up didn't happen today because the Fed Ex truck died. As a result I drove off to get today's packages onto the truck before it was towed back to the terminal. The funniest part of the adventure was that I passed a UPS truck being towed home too! There are probably a couple of morals to this story...tomorrow I'm going to schedule my car for an overdue check-up.

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