Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nemo's Astro Air Sleeping Pad: Another Trail Essential

Nemo's Astro Air Sleeping Pad is just what the doctor ordered! Whether you just thrive on comfort...or your back aches like mine because of age, this backpacking minded camping pad is a treat. The new Nemo Astro Insulated Pad is the lightweight and ultra packable sleeping pad based on the super-comfy pad design of the Nemo Cosmo Air Pad.

With the Astro Air, Nemo trimmed up the overall width and length of their Cosmo (the Astro regular version is 72" long and 20" wide, and the short version is 48" long and 20" wide). And Nemo took the integrated foot pump out to save weight; the "disco" pump is very cool and is will be available as an add on in a few weeks. The orange version of the Astro is insulated, using a synthetic polyurethane foam to stop convective currents. Weights are 1 lb 8 oz for Insulated, 1 lb 4 oz for Air, 14 oz for Short. Bet you can't weight to upgrade you heavy, old pad this spring!

Our new Astro sleeping pads hit the store last week (and the pillowtops should arrive next week)but supplies will be limited...so we may not get to try one out ourselves for awhile. But we do know that the Cosmo Air & Pillowtop on which it is based is almost as good as bringing along a Serta mattress!

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