Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gregory's Baltoro backpack amazes again!

The Gregory Baltoro 65. Who could have guessed that Gregory's Editor's Choice updated pack--that was a Backpacker Editor's Choice winner in 2008 and was added to their all-time greats list in 2010--would be chosen to grace the 2011 Gear Guide cover!? Would not have been my choice with all the other great new packs out there, but Gregory packs certainly give testers many reasons to rave. What does the Baltoro 65 deliver that gave it full, front page placement in it brilliant Cinder Cone redness?

Durability. The original Baltoro 70 backpack passed durability tests in Utah's demanding slot canyons. The updated Baltoro looked "out-of-the-box new" after 120 miles on the AT in Virginia.
Stability. The Baltoro proved up to the test on Rockie Mountain ski tours. New is silicon on the lumbar pad to make it "stick like glue".
Ergonomics. The Baltoro is "made for big load comfort". It provides a "snug fit and direct load transfer."

At 5 lbs. 10 oz, you should consider looking at a GoLite backpack. But if you want a great all-around comfortable pack that's going to last for a lifetime, go with a Baltoro. Note the Baltoro is now also available in a 75 liter size.

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